Woo Product Price Styler

The Woo Price Styler plugin gives to your e-shop or to your affiliate website, very high Visibility and Feasibility! With this plugin you will be able to style the prices with Colors, Fonts, give a next power with a Prefix and Suffix. “Get Ready for Advanced Marketing”.

The “Success of the Price Styling” is to focus on “Psychological Pricing” and “Improve your Sales”! Psychological Pricing Is Your Golden Ticket to Selling More!


Power your shop with the “left-digit effect” and “Charm Prices”

“left-digit effect”

This effect reflects how the left-most digit disproportionately affects our perception of price.

Nobody believes they’ll be persuaded to buy something simply because it’s priced $9.99 instead of $10, but studies say otherwise.

It’s called the “left-digit effect.” The difference of one or ten cent can turn a window shopper into an actual shopper, according to a 2009 study by researchers at Colorado State University and Washington State University, published in the Journal of Consumer Research.

In one test, the researchers asked participants to evaluate two identical pens: They priced one at $2.00 and the other $3.99 — amazingly, 44% of the participants chose the higher-priced pen.

The psychological literature is replete with evidence for the left-digit effect.

Charm Prices

Stores often put a product on sale and show the original price. This comparison emphasizes how much a person is saving. However, people like simple math.

Fine Fonts and Simple Syllables

Customers first react unconsciously to the price they see. Although many retailers get this wrong, even the font size can affect sales.


Google fonts

Customize typography in price’s view with the most used Google fonts.

  • Open Sans, Open Sans Condensed
  • Playfair Display, Playfair Display SC
  • Alegreya SC, Alegreya Sans, Alegreya Sans SC
  • Almost 300 Google fonts to choose

Custom colors

Customize the colors of the Regular and the Sale Price. For each type of price you have to choose different color.

  • Prefix (before price)
  • Suffix (after price)
  • Price with “left-digit effect.”

Four size templates

Every set of prices has four templates with different sizes. The set include the Prefix, Price, Suffix.

  • Small
  • Medium
  • Big
  • Wide

Full Feature List

  • Product price styling with prefix and suffix
  • Ready for e-shops or affiliate websites
  • High Visibility and Feasibility
  • Required the Woocommerce plugin
  • Compatible with the Wp All import plugin
  • Cross-Browser Compatibility FireFox, Safari, Chrome, Opera, IE8, IE9, IE10, IE11, Edge
  • Clean and optimized code
  • Tested with latest versions of wordpress
  • Responsive Layout
  • Regular price with custom options
  • Sale price with custom options
  • Appearance in widgets, related products, archives, etc.
  • Options path in woocommerce products tab
  • Focused on visibility
    • Follow the guidelines of Digital Marketing Strategies
    • Overhaul the success of your online marketing efforts
    • Give Positive impact on your business
    • With Beautiful colors and typography
  • Fully Customizable
    • Separate styles of Regular or Sale price
    • Option to unstyle (default style) the regular price if the sale exist
    • Prefix and Suffix with default options
    • Suffix in Sale price imported by custom fields (override the default)
    • Import affiliate products by Wp All import plugin and set custom fields
    • Customize Typography and colors
    • Customize Decimal Point and Precision, Thousand Separator
    • Unlimited price compositions (customizing)
  • Easy to use
    • Text type forms for values
    • Drop down menu for templates
    • Unlimited colors with color pickers
    • Drop down menu for Google WebFonts
    • Just put your values and hit “Save changes”
  • Flexibility
    • Four size templates
    • Layout versions from small to wide
    • Unlimited colors
    • Almost 300 Google WebFonts
  • Need help?
    • Free support
    • Design audits
    • Video tutorials
    • Documentation
  • Free updates and upgrades
    • Often updates
    • Plans with new upgrade options

Theme Developers

WordPress theme developers are most welcome to include our product into your themes. The plugin is cleanly integrated with WooCommerce. With often updates and upgrades we promise always a beautiful design!  Give your customers now, the first Advanced Marketing Tool and a new value to your themes!

Need support?

Support for the Woo Product Price Styler plugin is on CodeCanyon comments or conducted through our support form, where you can submit your product related questions, bug-findings, suggestions, etc.



VERSION 1.0.3 – major update – 9 April 2016

# NEW - Google Fonts with drop down menu
# Fixed - Prefix and Suffix styles

VERSION 1.0.2 – minor update – 7 April 2016

# NEW - Option to unstyle the regular price if the sale price exist
# NEW - Import suffix value by custom fields
# NEW - Wp All import plugin compatibility
# Fixed - Different wordpress themes compatibility

VERSION 1.0.1 – minor update – 3 April 2016

# NEW - WP 4.4.2 / 4.5 compatibility
# NEW - Separate options for each price
# Fixed - Double appearance of regular price

VERSION 1.0.0, 2 April 2016

# Initial release